Welcome to Outlaw Country

Marlow is a thriving little town in southwest Oklahoma with just under 5,000 residents. Originally laid off in Indian Territory by the federal government as "Marlow Grove," it was a place where Chisholm Trail cattle trains stopped for rest.

Located 30 minutes east of Lawton/Ft. Sill, and one hour south of Oklahoma City, the community was recently described by a visitor as "a most interesting community, with lots of creative ideas all over town."

The Marlow Chamber of Commerce works to promote Marlow and its history.

Outlaw Country has an interesting story to tell, from the Marlow brothers who spawned the movie, "The Sons of Katie Elder," to the forward thinking new community projects and improvements underway as its citizens plan for tomorrow.

Come visit Marlow where you can shop our fine retail establishments and learn more about our history, all while being welcomed by friendly residents. The merchants of Marlow have many unique items and local restaurants bring people in from all over Oklahoma and beyond.

Since its inception as a bustling community of pioneers just prior to the turn of the 20th century, Marlow has been a thriving city with wonderful, friendly people, sound business establishments, progressive industries, and modern churches, parks, schools, and recreational facilities – all pointing to continued growth and a bright future.

We invite you to come for a get-a-way day. Or better yet – just come and stay!

Marlow has a past worth remembering, and a future worth being proud of!