In the early days of Oklahoma, when it was divided into Oklahoma Territory, great numbers of pioneers found their way into this rich grazing land. It was not uncommon for tent cities to spring up overnight, and such was the beginning of Marlow, Indian Territory.

Marlow was located on the Chisholm Trail over which thousands of cattle were driven. Many men in the area made their living by taking possession of the cattle which strayed from herds passing by. This custom was an encouragement for stampeding the herds in order to scatter the cattle.

In the mid-1800's, the Marlow family came to Indian Territory and settled on the Chisholm Trail about one and one-half miles east of the division between the two territories. They brought with them five of their sons: Alfred, George, Charlie, Lewellyn (Ellie or Epp), and Boone. While in the area, the brothers worked for a large cattle outfil, and were unjustly accused of stealing horses by a United States Marshal. The saga of the family is a colorful, separate tale, which has been told in books, song, and film, including the movie, "The Sons of Katie Elder."

They lived in this section until 1888. The old cave which served as the original home of the Marlow family was located on the banks of Wildhorse Creek which runs through historical Redbud Park. After leaving this community, the brothers who survived the infamous ambush in Graham, Texas, and the family led quite an illustrious life in Colorado's Gunnison Mountain area.

In 1892, the railroad brought the first train through. One of the first enterprises to be established in the fledgling town was loading pens to accommodate the great numbers of cattle still being driven to the location, and the cattle industry is still a major contributor to the economy of the Marlow area.

Since its inception as a bustling community of pioneers just prior to the turn of the 20th century, Marlow has become a thriving city with a population of just under 5,000, with wonderful, friendly people, sound business establishments, churches, parks, schools, and recreational facilities - all pointed to continued growth and a bright future.


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